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PAYDAY 2 DLC Unlocker Latest update: Dragon Pack.

DLCs which won't get you tagged:

untested, but in theory these are undetected as well:

  • Basically all the collab items (Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami 2 Deluxe edition, etc.)

What do you mean won't get me tagged?

PAYDAY 2 uses a very simple "anticheat" to stop or prevent people from -- cheating, obviously. But they've ended up repurposing it at some unknown point in time to also fuck with people enjoying the wonders of antisemitism, and now it also tags people using the DLC Unlocker under some specific conditions.

By tagging, I mean literally giving you a tag. The anticheat doesn't put people in a blacklist like more conventional projects, VAC for example. It is only temporary (it resets after loading into the main menu1), and it doesn't do much in the way of preventing clientside exploits other than DLC unlocking either.2

When hosting a match, the default settings for a lobby are leaving it open to the public and kicking cheaters. I think you might see where I'm going with this -- most people won't give a damn about any of the options and will just leave it turned on.

So, while using anything that "could get you tagged", you most likely won't be able to join any public games hosted by other people. You can get away with this by hosting your own, but you will keep the cheater tag and people who join might get scared, think you are part of the secret hacker group known as 4chan, and leave.

You can zigzag your way around this mess by playing on a steam account that doesn't own the game, and only has access to it via family sharing. When under such conditions, the anticheat just completely gives up and stops trying to detect attempts at stealing their revenue -- losing OVERKILL Studios hundreds of dollars each second. Piracy is serious business, after all. Just the other day I pirated Cave Story like 5 times and made Jewcalis lose 90$. That's how it works, right?

Anyway, every other DLC not included in the list at the top is picked by the game, so take care when using them. It's your own fault if you get instakicked from all the games you try to join and don't get why.

Any other questions?

1. to clarify, once it resets, if you still have something that triggers it you'll of course keep having the tag.

2. one example are perk decks -- they're not checked for validity, adding new ones that won't match up with what other users have doesn't matter to the game. in theory, this also means using perk decks from DLCs without being detected is possible, but I haven't tested it yet due to laziness.

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